Hebu Medical GmBH - Electrosurgical Unit - HBS X-Touch 300

The high-frequency electrosurgery is developing rapidly and forms for over ten years a core competence of HEBUmedical.

Brand Hebu Medical GmBH
Model Electrosurgical Unit - HBS X-Touch 300
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Made In Germany
Category Operating Theater
Classification ESU, surgery, HF,



An electrosurgical unit is a generator used to transform electronic energy into high-frequency alternating current (HF current). If this current flows through human tissue, it creates heat which is used for cutting and for coagulation of the tissue.
The HBS x-touch 300 is a versatile and compact electrosurgical unit which complies to a high safety standard and unites economy with operative flexibility. It offers the following application modes:

For monopolar surgical use

  • Pure cut
  • Blend cut
  • Polypectomy mode
  • Cutting in water environment (TUR)
  • Soft coagulation
  • Forced coagulation
  • Spray coagulation

For bipolar use:

  • Blend cut
  • Bipolar Coagulation
  • Bipolar Cutting in water environment (TUR)

Benefits of the HBS x-touch 300:

  • Simple, intuitive and safe operation
  • USB-connection for service
  • Current terminal for optional wireless foot switch, max. 0.5 A
  • Display-supported neutral electrode safety system helps interactively when applying the neutral electrode
  • Nine storage locations for individual program settings
  • Two monopolar multifunction terminals for 3-pin standard or Martin plug
  • AutoStop function for automatic interruption of the energy supply after a certain tissue resistance level is reached.
  • Tone signal with scope for control of the volume, and an alarm tone in case of faults without facility for switching off.
  • Coloured illumination of the LCD display in red, yellow, blue to indicate different operating modes or error statuses
  • Facility for tracing output and impedance at the LCD display in the patient circuit on activation
  • Worldwide application possible through connection scope from 100 to 260 volts, 50 to 60 Hz