Famed Zywiec - Electric Hydraulic Operating Table - SU 03

Famed SU-03 operating table is a universal product with a very affordable price. SU-03 offers numerous functions, high load capacity, good radiolucency parameters, longitudinal travel and rich choice of compatible accessories. And it has the legendary quality of the ?ywiec plant production.

Brand Famed Zywiec
Model Electric Hydraulic Operating Table - SU 03
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Made In Poland
Category Operating Theater
Classification meja operasi, surgery, table,




Famed SU-03 operating table is a universal product with the functionalities of more advanced models but with a lower price. Some functions are electrically powered and the others are manually operated. SU-03 is accompanied by numerous additional accessories.



Operating table with a mobile base, made of the best stainless steel on the market AISI 316L with InteliProtectPlus™ technology. Remote control is available for the following functions: table top height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions, table top levelling.



Famed SU-03 operating table is made in Poland. The entire manufacturing process is based in ?ywiec plant, which provides us with the opportunity to continuously supervise the quality of our product. The highest quality steel will protect your table from damage and ensure many years of problem-free work.



Low price does not mean compromised convenience - most functions of the SU-03 operating table can be operated using bbSafe™ or rCover™ remote control.

przechy? boczny

Electro-hydraulic adjustments

Adjustment of the height, side tilt, Tendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg inclinations and levelling of the table top by means of a wired remote control and executed using electro-hydraulic system powered with 24 V DC battery. The bbSafe™ remote control is equipped with the fCharge™ battery charge level indicator.



regulacja pleców

Adjustments with gas springs

The inclination of the backrest and the headrest is supported by gas springs equipped with a lock. The gas springs have a locking mechanism that prevents unintentional activation.





podnó?ki regulacja

Adjusting the footrests

The footrests in the 6-segment top are adjusted using gears. The 4 and 5-segment tops are controlled using gas springs.







Longitudinal travel

The table top is moved by hand, using ergonomic handles, which in combination with infinite the full adjustment capability guarantees high accuracy of position selection.




Elevation of the kidney bench

The elevation of the kidney bench in a 5- or 6-segment table top is performed manually, from the head side, through a mechanical transmission. 




bbSafe™ wired remote control

Wired remote control with 2.8” screen in IPS technology, which enables quick and precise change of position and real-time preview of setting values. For patient safety, we have designed the bbSafe™ system – triple protection against accidental change of position and a warning about high energy consumption. Following an adjustable idle time, the remote control automatically switches to standby mode. In addition, there is a two-step process of changing the bed’s position – the operator first presses a button corresponding to the category of movement, and then, in the next step, enters information about its direction. Moreover, the bbSafe™ system warns the user when the movement of the table puts a heavy load on the battery cells – this allows you to predict the power consumption and plan battery charging accordingly. The remote control meets the IP54 standard.