2022 - Launching of The Medical Device Factory



PT. Kharisma Ciptareka Medikatama International

In June 2021, Indonesia introduced local content requirements banning imports of over 5,400 imported medical device products in 79 categories from the LKPP e-Catalogue public procurement system used by hospitals and clinics. For those 79 categories, only locally manufactured medical devices certified to have 40% local content will be included in the e-Catalogue system

In realizing the government's program, Kharisma Utama took a role by starting to design, develop and manufacture the best local medical equipment by adapting technology from Europe. To make it happen, Kharisma Utama work with the best local companies who have the same idea. Namely to build by creating locally made medical devices with international standards.

2021 - New Website Launching

To fulfill our responsibility to our customers, we launched a new website. This is expected to make it easier for our customers and partners to get the latest information from our company.

2019 - Launching E-Catalogue

Has 35 From 22 sub distributors throughout Indonesia the process towards ISO 90001:2015

2016 - Follow Government Program

To support the government in creating the development of health service facilities in order to encourage the success of the National Health Development. We provide integrated equipment, quality, efficient and adequate prices. Which of course we included in the E-catalogue of the LKPP (Government Procurement Policy Agency). 

2006 - New Office With New Company Name

the increasing and the recognition of the name CV kharisma Utama and the added number of partner principles, in 2006 Mr. Kartono changed the form of the company from CV to PT. so as not to lose the CV, He made the abbreviation CV to be Cipta Varia, so that now the company is known as PT. Cipta Varia Kharisma Utama.

1997 - Became a Sole Agent

1992 - Became a Distributor

1987 - Creating of The Company

The Journey of PT. Cipta Varia Kharisma Utama was started in 1987 by Mr. Kartono. He began his career in the medical devices trading from CV. Kharisma Utama. Through strong determination, hard work, support, and trust from fellow distributors and suppliers of medical equipment, Kharisma Utama has succeeded in developing its business independently.