A Glimpse Of Us


PT. Cipta Varia Kharisma Utama located in East Jakarta, Indonesia. Having been active in the medical field since 1987, the company has a track record of continuous evolution and development. Our founder Mr. Kartono began his career in the medical devices trading from CV. Kharisma Utama, and now it has developed into a bigger and stronger market in the supply of medical devices in Indonesia. the increasing and the recognition of the name CV kharisma Utama and the added number of partner principles, in 2006 Mr. Kartono changed the form of the company from CV to PT. so as not to lose the CV, He made the abbreviation CV to be Cipta Varia, so that now the company is known as PT. Cipta Varia Kharisma Utama.

From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of national and international growth. Therefor, the company has managed to achieve a broad imports activity and network and, consequently, an extensive worldwide reference list. Having professionalism, reliability, solvency and flexibility as its key principles and guidelines, the company has gained not only valuable experience, but also strong domestic and international recognition and reputation. Its strong know – how of medical device market system and the durability of its products, has led the company and principle to a strong market position.

The company’s facilities occupy a 3 floor office building of  420 m2 and 3 floors warehose of 313 m2 with half the basement in east jakarta based on CDAKB (certificate of quality management standards) recommendation. The company’s skilled personnel consists of electrobiomedical  and mechanical engineers, graduate and post-graduate economists, who constitutes the driving force of the company.

To meet the need for medical devices in Indonesia, we have partnered with several principles with a long-standing partnership.