Research and Development
17 Jan 2022
Written By: Riski

In 2020 is a new development era for Indonesia in focusing on developing human resources, science and technology. It all started with the covid-19 that entered Indonesia in early 2020. The scarcity of medical devices, PPE, and pharmaceuticals was a trigger for Indonesia to start being independent. in health care. The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Health stipulates for business actors to start focusing on the production of medical devices in the country and establish TKDN as a reference value in the country.

In realizing the government's program to optimize the level of domestic components (TKDN), Kharisma Utama took a role by starting to design, develop and manufacture the best domestic medical equipment by adapting technology from Europe.
To make it happen, Kharisma Utama work with the best domestic companies who have the same ideals, namely to build by creating locally made medical devices with international standards, including:
-PT Inamas Sintesis Teknologi (Yogyakarta)
-PT YPTI (Yogyakarta)
-CV Nuriteknik (Cianjur, West Java)
In order to answer the challenge from the Ministry of Health to create Indonesian independence in medical devices, Kharisma Utama has also formed an experienced R&D team in their field.

The R&D team will later be responsible for research, planning (planning), implementation of creating quality local products, standardized and in accordance with the wishes needed by consumers.

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