CDAKB (Medical Devices Good Distribution Practice)
19 Feb 2021
Written By: admin

Good Method of Distribution of Medical Devices, hereinafter abbreviated as CDAKB, is a guideline used in a series of distribution and quality control activities aimed at ensuring that the distributed medical device products meet the requirements set for their intended use.

CDAKB provides guidelines for organizations distributing medical devices, including ordering, storing, transporting and distributing activities. Medical devices that are included in the mandatory category of CDAKB Permenkes No. 4 of 2014. The most possible approach for implementing the CDAKB system of Minister of Health Regulation No. 4 of 2014 is to use the implementation of ISO 9001, where the requested requirements are covered in the requirements of ISO 9001.

To improve customer service and trust, Kharisma Utama has now been certified CDAKB by the Ministry of Health so that the products we market are not only of high quality but are also distributed according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.

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